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What is the rank of Suresh in a class of 17 students?I. Nitin, having 13th rank from the bottom, is six rank ahead of Bhupesh, who is two ranks behind Suresh.II. Bhupesh is four ranks ahead of Kamlesh
The students of a class are divided into two groups-A and B. If Sangita is included in the group A then her rank is 7th from the top and if she in included in the group B, her rank is 13th from the to
Area rank of punjab in india
Punjab rank (population) in india
The central banking functions in India are performed by the I. Central Bank of India II. Reserve Bank of India III. State Bank of India IV. Punjab National Bank
The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has identified three Bt cotton varieties for cultivation in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan which were developed by Punjab Agricultural University in L
Which commission made the recommendations which formed the basis for the Punjab Reorganisation Act which created the states Punjab and Haryana
If the coefficient matrix of a linear system has rank 4, and the augmented matrix has rank 5, then
Four friends, A, B, C and D got the top four ranks in a competitive examination, but A did not get the first, B did not get the second, C did not get the third, and D did not get the fourth rank. Who
How many boys are there in the class?I. Mita's rank among girls is 5th from the top and her rank in the class is 9th from the bottom.II. No.of boys in the class is twice the number of girls
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