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Which state of North East is Mary Kom (5 times world champion-Boxing) from
If north is called north-east , north –east is called east , east is called south –east . And so on . What will south –east be called
Name the government Body which will Provide Financial Assistance to Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation, in Imphal
Who is to the North-East of R?I. S is to the South-East of N, who is to the South-West of P, who is to the North of Q.II. T is to the North-West of Q, who is to the South of P.III. R, who is to the No
Two teams Arrogant and Overconfident are participating in a cricket tournament. The odds that team Arrogant will be champion is 5 to 3, and the odds that team Overconfident will be the champion is 1 t
Fact 1: Mary said, “Ann and I both have cats.”Fact 2: Ann said, “I don’t have a cat.”Fact 3: Mary always tells the truth, but Ann sometimes lies.If the first three statements are facts, whic
Mary and John can do a piece of work in 24 days; John and Vino in 30 days; Vino and Mary in 40 days. If Mary, John and Vino work together they will complete the work in

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