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Nitin was counting down from 32. Sumit was counting upwards the numbers starting from 1 and he was calling out only the odd numbers. What common number will they call out at the same time if they were
Ravi, Gagan and Nitin are running a business firm in partnership. What is Gagan's share in the profit earned by them I.  Ravi, Gagan and Nitin invested the amounts in the ratio of 2 : 4 : 7  II.  N
Which cannot directly cause a thread to stop executing? A. Calling the SetPriority() method on a Thread object. B. Calling the wait() method on an object. C. Calling notify() method on an object. D. C
There are 5 consecutive odd numbers. If the difference between square of the average of first two odd number and the of the average last two odd numbers is 396, what is the smallest odd number
Nitin's age was equal to square of some number last year and the following year it would be cube of a number. If again Nitin's age has to be equal to the cube of some number, then for how long he will

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