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Statements:All rankers are intelligent.All intelligent people are smart.Some intelligent are dark.Conclusions:I. No ranker is a smart.II. Some dark are rankers.III. Some smart are dark.IV. Some ranker
Statements: All mobiles are tablets All tablets are smart phones All smart phones are laptops All Laptops is computers Conclusions: I. Some tablets are laptops II. Some laptops are not tablets
Statements All brave people are Trojans.All Greeks are Trojans.No Trojan is coward.Conclusions:I. All brave people are Greeks.II. All Greeks are brave people.III. No Greek is coward.IV. No brave is co
Statements:All carpenters are agile people.Some agile people are quick.No soft is quick.Conclusions:I. Some carpenters are soft.II. Some carpenters are quick.III. Some agile are not soft
Statement:"The city's top ranker for SSC examination this year will be definitely from our school." - Principal of a school 'X'.Assumptions:I. The teachers of the school have prepared their students t
Statements:All teachers are tax-payers.Some tax-payers are good.Some actors do not pay tax.Conclusions:I. Some teachers are good.II. All good people are Actors.III. Some teachers are actors.IV. No tea

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