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The slant height of a conical mountain is 2.5 km and the area of its base is 1.54 km square. The height of mountain is :
If the base of a pyramid is a square of 6cm side and its slant height is 5cm. Find its slant surface area
The slant height of a right circular cone is 10 m and its height is 8 m. Find the area of its curved surface
A Conical tent was erected by the army at a base camp with height 3 m and base diameter 10 m. If every person requires 3.92 cu.m air, then how many persons can be seated in that tent approximately
If the curved surface area of a cone is twice that of another cone and slant height of the second cone is twice that of the first. Find the ratio of the area of their bases
The area of square is thrice the area of a rectangle. If the area of the square is 225 sq.cms and the length of the rectangle is 15cms. What is the difference between the breadth of the rectangle and
The height of a cone is 16 cm and Slant height is 20 cm. Its radius is

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