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Which mode is used to translate the queries into MapReduce jobs and runs them on Hadoop cluster
A dog runs 20 metre towards East and turns Right, runs 10 metre and turns to right, runs 9 metre and again turns to left, runs 5 metre and then turns to left, runs 12 metre and finally turns to left a
Sundar runs 20 m towards East and turns to right and runs 10 m. Then he turns to the right and runs 9 m. Again he turns to right and runs 5 m. After this he turns to left and runs 12 m and finally he
A, B and C play a cricket match. The ratio of the runs scored by them in the match is A:B = 2:3 and B:C = 2:5. If the total runs scored by all of them are 75, the runs scored by B are
The output of the _______ is not sorted in the Mapreduce framework for Hadoop
Although the Hadoop framework is implemented in Java , MapReduce applications need not be written in
__________ is the primary interface for a user to describe a MapReduce job to the Hadoop framework for execution
Consider a two machine flow shop where jobs are first processed in Machine X and then in Machine Y, in the same sequence. The processing times of four jobs (1, 2, 3 and 4) on the machines are:The sequ
The World Development Report 2013: Jobs was released by the a particular organization that stressed upon the role of strong private sector in creation of jobs, outlining the facts that how can the job

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