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Who is Alia Bhatt's co-star in the upcoming movie 'Shaandaar'
As per the Union Budget , which of the following represents the percentage increase in the total expenditure in the Budget Estimates 2009-2010 over Budget Estimates 2008-2009
Statements:All whales are dolphins.All dolphins are sharks.Some sharks are not big.Conclusions:I. Some sharks are whales.II. All whales are sharks.III. Some whales are not big.IV. All whales are big
US Scientists at the Harvard University created a robot of the size of fly. What is the name of this robot
Which of the following devices would be classified as a robot by the Robot Institute of America
The first industrial robot for commercial uses was installed in a Japanese plant at Toyota Automatic Loom Company, the parent company of the Toyota Automobile Group. When did this robot go into operat
The insect type robot Attila is a more competent version of the robot Genghis an weights 1.7 kg. What is the number of microprocessors carried by its body
Five students have not been absent for the entire first semester. They are asked to draw one pass each from a bag that has 5 movie passes and 5 meal passes. Parul and Mini are the first two students t

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