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Statements:All potatoes are brinjals.Some brinjals are spinach.All brinjals are flowers.Conclusions:I. All flowers are spinach.II. Some potatoes are flowers.III. Some potatoes are spinach
All beutiful things are sad.She is beutiful.She is sad All nice things are flat.TV are flat.TV's are nice things Potatoes are stems.All stems are fruits.Potatoes are fruits   Choose the alternative w
Potatoes reproduce by
A shopkeeper purchased 70 kg of potatoes for Rs. 420 and sold the whole lot at the rate of Rs. 6.50 per kg. What will be his gain percent
Statements:Some chillies are not potatoesAll okras are onionsSome onions are potatoesConclusions:I. All chillies being potatoes is a possibilityII. Some okras which are onion being chillies is a possi
Which enzymes are likely to act on the baked potatoes eaten by a man, starting from the mouth and as it moves down the alimentary canal
Food inflation rose to what percent for the week ended August 13 on the back of dearer onions, potatoes, fruits and protein-based items
Starch content of potatoes can be increased by using a bacterial gene, known as
The instrument ability to reproduce a certain group of readings within a given accuracy is known as ______
The animals reproduce by laying eggs are called

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