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A teacher said to student, "Didn't you listen what I said? You must be careful during lecture"
Which of the following statements is correct about the C#.NET code snippet given below class Student s1, s2; // Here 'Student' is a user-defined class s1 = new Student(); s2 = new Student();
She was an excellent teacher. She was liked by all her students.(A) Being an excellent teacher she was liked .....(B) She was liked by all her students for .....(C) As she was an excellent teacher she
Statement: This book is so prepared that even a layman can study science in the absence of a teacher. Assumptions: A layman wishes to study science without a teacher. A teacher may not always be
The probability that a teacher will give an unannounced test during any class metting is 1/5. If a student is absent twice, then the probability that the student will miss atleast one test is
Should there be a ban on affiliation of student unions to political parties Arguments :  I. Yes. The political parties take undue advantage of the student unions to fulfill their own selfish  inter

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