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Which smallest number should be multiplied by 45 so that it will have 3 distinct prime factors
If a and b are prime numbers, which of the following is true?I. a2 has three positive integer factors.II. ab has four positive integer factors.III. a3 has four positive integer factors.Codes
N is the smallest number that has 5 factors. How many factors does (N - 1) have
The series of differences between consecutive prime numbers is represented as Cp1, Cp2, Cp3, .... Cpn , Whare Cp1 is the difference between the second and the first prime number. Find the sum of serie
Find the smallest number which should be multiplied with 520 to make it a perfect square
Find the total number of distinct vehicle numbers that can be formed using two letters followed by two numbers. Letters need to be distinct
The number of digits of the smallest number, which when multiplied by 7 gives the result consisting entirely of nines, is

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