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People having respiratory problems like asthma, are dosed medically with
Rahul's Mathematics test had 75 problems, 10 arithmetic, 30 algebra, 35 geometry problems. Although he answered 70% of arithmetic, 40% of arithmetic and 60% of geometry problems correctly, still he go
On a certain product survey company randomly called 200 people to get their opinion, 125 liked the product Of the 200 people and 75 did not like it . how many people should like the product out
Respiratory disorder asthma leads to
Statement:Wars must be discouraged vehemently even though majority of the victims might have been a nuisance to peace loving people.Assumptions:I. Some people create problems to peace loving people.II
If there are 150 questions in a 3 hr examination. Among these questions 50 are type A problems, which requires twice as much as time be spent on the rest of the type B problems. How many minutes shoul
Human respiratory system contains respiratory tract and

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