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Hormones released by adrenal cortex that maintains balance of water and salts in human body are called
A  systematic record  of  all  transactions between one country and the rest of the world a Balance of trade b Balance of transaction c Budget d Balance of payment Balance of payment
Two adrenal glands present in human body are located
A 20 N metal block is suspended by a spring balance . A beaker containing some water is placed on a weighing machine which reads 40 N. The spring balance is now lowered so that block gets immersed in
A body released from a great height falls freely towards the earth. Another body is released from the same height exactly one second later. The separation between the two bodies two second after the r
Which of the following maintains the balance of the body
On 31-3-09 the balance of the cash book isRs. 7074 (credit) and balance as per bankstatement is Rs. 3159 (debit). On scrutiny itwas found that the difference was due tocheque issued but not yet presen

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