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What is the value of (0.027)^1/3
A box contains coins (equal no. of every one) of rupee and half rupee, coins of 25 paise, 10 paise, 5 paise value, 2 paise value and one paise value. The total value of coins in the box is Rs. 1158. F
Consider the following statements:The bias stability of an emitter-bias amplifier circuit improves by decreasing the value of RBincreasing the value of REdecreasing the value of RBincreasing the value
What is the output of this program?#include using namespace std;int main (){cout << "Value of __LINE__ : " << __LINE__ << endl;cout << "Value of __FILE__ : " << __FILE__ << endl;cout << "V
A property decreases in value every year at the rate of 6 1/4% of its value at the beginning of the year its value at the end of 3 years was Rs.21093. Find its value at the beginning of the first year
Value of vehicle at end of each year depreciates at the rate of 3/5th of value at the beginning. If Initial value is 10,000Rs then at the end of three years its value is

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