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A vendor purchases binder clips at 12 for Rs. 60. How many clips should he sell for Rs. 60 to earn a profit of 20%
Hemant sold 10 sarees for a total profit of Rs. 460 and 12 sarees for a total profit of Rs. 144. At what profit per saree should he sell the remaining 20 sarees so that he gets an average profit of Rs
In an exhibition, Almond bought a painting for Rs. 20000. He later sold it to Olive for Rs. 23000. Olive sold it to Sarah for double the profit percentage that Almond earned. At what price should Sara
A milk vendor incurs an overstocking cost of Rs. 2 per litre and a shortage cost of Rs. 0.5 per litre The demand is uniformly distributed between 1 litre and 6 litres. Using the Newsvendor Model, the
A fruit vendor purchased 20 dozens of bananas at Rs. 15 per dozen. But one-fourth of the bananas were rotten and had to be thrown away. He sold two-third of the remaining bananas at Rs. 22.50 per doze
A bookseller bought 500 text books for  20,000. He wanted to sell them at a profit so that he get 50 books free. At what profit percent should he sell them
When a women sells 20 articles for Rs. 160, there is 40% loss. How many articles should she sell for Rs. 240 in order to earn 20% profit
A, B and C together earn Rs.150 per day while A and C together earn Rs. 94 and B and C together earn Rs. 76. The daily earning of C is

Answer and Explanations


Profit of 20% means he should sell the 12 clips for 72 Rs

so cost of one clips should br 72/12 i.e 6.
so for 60 Rs he should sell 10 clips

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Why do we take 20% of 60?

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