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A home security system provides a security codes for a door, which consist of five buttons. Code may be generated by pressing any one button, any two, any three, any four, or all five buttons. How man
How is 'home' written in a code language ?I. 'home for all' is written as '9 2 1' in that code language.II. 'you go home' is written as '7 3 2' in that code language
All Lamels are Signots with buttons.No yellow Signots have buttons.No Lamels are yellow.If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
In a certain code language, '297' means 'tie clip button'. Which number means 'button' ?  I. In that language '926' means 'clip your tie'.  II. In that language '175' means 'hole and button'
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