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A force acting on a body of mass 7 kg produces an acceleration of 10 ms−2. acceleration that same force will produce in a body of mass 9 kg will be
A block A of mass 2 kg rests on another block B of mass 8 kg which rests on a horizontal floor. The coefficient of friction between A and B is 0.2 while that between B and floor is 0.5. When a horizon
Relationship between force, mass and acceleration is
When a net force act on a body, it produces acceleration in body in direction of net force which is directly proportional to net force acting on body and inversely proportional to its mass. This state
A cyclist of mass 30 kg exerts a force of 250 N to move his cycle. acceleration is 4 ms−2. force of friction between road and tyres will be
Acceleration produced in a 8 kg mass when force acts on a body of 5 kg produces acceleration of 10 ms-2 is
A block of mass 3 kg is in contact with a block of mass 2 kg. Both the blocks rest on a frictionless floor. A horizontal force of 10 N is applied to push the block of mass 3 kg. The force with which t
A one kg mass suspended by a thread is first lifted up with an acceleration g / 2 and then lowered downward with an acceleration g / 2. The ratio of the tensions in the first and second case is
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