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Which two cause a compiler error float[ ] f = new float(3); float f2[ ] = new float[ ]; float[ ]f1 = new float[3]; float f3[ ] = new float[3]; float f5[ ] = {1.0f, 2.0f, 2.0f};
What will be the output of the following program #include int main() { float Amount; float Calculate(float P = 5.0, int N = 2, float R = 2.0); Amount = Calculate(); cout<< Amount <<
Which three are valid declarations of a float float f1 = -343; float f2 = 3.14; float f3 = 0x12345; float f4 = 42e7; float f5 = 2001.0D; float f6 = 2.81F;
Consider the following statements :In the critical path method of construction planning free float can be 1. greater than total float 2. greater than independent float3. equal to total float 4. less t
A substance will float on surface of water if its density is less than
Which of the following relationship is valid for the equilibrium position of the float in a rotameter ?(where, Df= Drag force on the float Bf = Buoyant force on the float Wf = Weight of the float)

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