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The molecular formula for glycine is C2H5O2N. What would be the molecular formula for a linear oligomer made by linking ten glycine molecules together by condensation synthesis
What would be the molecular formula for a polymer made by linking ten glucose molecules together by dehydration synthesis, if molecular formula for glucose is C6H,206
Molecular formula of methane is
Molecular weight of a polymer is equal to the molecular weight of the repeat unit multiplied by the degree of polymerisation. What is the molecular weight of poly vinyl chloride (PVC), if its degree o
The toxic environmental pollutant dioxin is 44.8% carbon, 1.25% hydrogen and 44.0% chlorine. Its molecular weight is 320±10  What is the molecular formula of dioxin
1 gm mole of an alcohol whose molecular weight is 74 contains 48 gms of carbon, 10 gms of hydrogen and 16 gms of oxygen. Its molecular formula is
If helium and methane are allowed to diffuse out of the container under the similar conditions of temperature and pressure, then the ratio of rate of diffusion of helium to methane is
One mole of methane undergoes complete combustion in a stoichiometric amount of air. The reaction proceeds as CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O. Both the reactants and products are in gas phase. ΔH°298 = - 7
The empirical formula of a nonelectrolyte is C1H2O1. A solution containing 6 g of the compound exerts the same osmotic pressure as that of 0.05 M glucose solution at the same temperature. The molecula

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