If frequency increases,

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Q of a coil increases with Q increasing frequencyvaries linearly with frequencyincrease with increasing frequency because R increases at high frequencydecrease after the peak frequency because R incre
An audio signal (say from 50 Hz to 10000 Hz) is frequency translated by a carrier having a frequency of 106 Hz. The values of initial (without frequency translation) and final (after frequency transla
As the order of modulation increases the data rate increases, but the error rate also increases
Match the following: List I List II A.RC coupled amplifier1.Very low driftB.Tuned amplifier2.Flat frequency response from zero frequency onwardsC.Chopper stabilized amplifier3.Flat frequency response
An npn transistor has a Beta cutoff frequency fβ of 1 MHz, and a common emitter short circuit low frequency current gain β0 of 200. It unity gain frequency fT and the alpha cut off frequency fa2 res
A resistance R, inductance L and capacitance C are in series. The source frequency is adjusted to be equal to resonant frequency. The lower half power frequency is ω1. Another resistance R is added i
Some features of RF stage in good radio receivers is It increases sensitivity by providing amplification to RF signalIt eliminates image frequency interferenceIt increases selectivityIt reduces noise
Two tuning forks A and B vibrating simultaneously produce 5 beats. Frequency of B is 512 Hz. It is seen that if one arm of A is filed, then the number of beats increases. Frequency of A will be
The signal m(t) as shown is applied both to a phase modulator (with kp as the phase constant) and a frequency modulator (with kf as the frequency constant) having the same carrier frequency. The rati

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