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Pigment contained by cones is called
The volumes of two cones are in the ratio 1 : 10 and the radii of the cones are in the ratio of 1 : 2. What is the length of the wire
Pigment contained by Rods is called
Rods and cones are contained by
A restaurant manager bought 20 packages of bagels. Some packages contained 6 bagels each, and the rest contained 12 bagels each. There were 168 bagels in all. How many packages of 12 bagels did the ma
Sense organs-Eye At the point where retina is connected to optic nerve there are no rods and cones are present. This area is called
Disorder which is caused when cones cannot distinguish between different colors is called
Point where there are no rods and cones is called
When any of cones is not working well, it causes a disease called
In a certain code, language Bread is called Butter, Butter is called Milk, Milk is called Shirt, Shirt is called Shoe, Shoe is called Bicycle, Bicycle is called Watch, Watch is called Aeroplane and Ae

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