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A skill which draws conclusions from observation or information gathered is called
Statements:All mills are bills.No bill is skill.Some bills are not hills.Some skills are fills.Conclusions:I. No skill is mill.II. Some fills are not bills.III. All skills are mills.IV. Some hills are
A person draws a card from a pack of playing cards, replaces it and shuffles the pack. He continues doing this until he draws a spade. The chance that he fails the first two times, is
Find the probability of drawing spade on each of 2 consecutive draws from a well shuffled pack of cards when the draws are with out replacement
The ture bearing of a line is 34° 20' 40"and the magnetic declination at the place of observation is 2° 00' 20" W on the date of observation. The magnetic bearing of the line is
The ratio of the "standard error of a single observation of unit weight" to the standard error of the arithmetic mean of 'n' observation all of unit weight, will be

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