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An example of organs in plants is
Considering coordinated action, organs that send messages to particular organs about information received from receptors are classified as
Organization of different organs and organs system forms an
Statements:Some animals are plants.All plants are rocks.Conclusions:I. All plants are animals.II. At least some rocks are animals
Statements:Orchids are plants.Bamboos are grasses.Grasses are not trees.Some plants are trees.Conclusions:I. Some Orchids are trees.II. No Bamboo is a tree.III. Some grasses are plants.IV. No grass is
A gardener was asked a plant flowers in a row containing equal number of plants. He tried to plant 6, 8, 10 and 12 in each row, but 5 plants left in each case. When he planted 13 in a row, no plant wa
What is the output of the following code ?example = "snow world"example[3] = 's'print example
Exporting organs of plants are called
Read the following statements A and B.A: Many organs of aquatic plants float in water.B: Large air gaps are present in the collenchyma tissues of lotus leaf.Select the correct answer

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