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Which of following is contained in sugarcane, sugar beet and fruits
There are n boxes and m fruits. If we put 3 fruits in each box 3 fruits will be excess. If we put 4 fruits in each box 1 box will be excess. Find number of boxes and fruits
Which of the following factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in south India as compared to north India I. Higher per acre field of sugarcane II. Higher sucrose content of su
Statements:Cloud is rain.No sugar is salt.Some salt is water.Rain is water.Conclusions:I. Some sugar is not water.II. Some cloud is salt.III. Some water is not sugar.IV. Some sugar is rain
4.The average of fruits offered in a temple in a week was 75. The average of fruits offered in six days excluding Tuesday was 72. How many fruits were offered on Tuesday
The average of fruits offered in a temple in a week was 75. The average of fruits offered in six days excluding Tuesday was 72. How many fruits were offered on Tuesday
Statements: All fruits are leaves. Some leaves are trees. No tree is house. Conclusions: I.Some houses are fruits. II. Some trees are fruits. III.No house is fruit
There are five bags. In the first bag we put some fruits. Each bag the number of fruits is reduced by 1/4. The last bag contains 4. Then the number of fruits in the first bag is