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Simplest atom with single proton is of
A proton is confined to a cubic box, whose sides have length 10-12 m. What is the minimum kinetic energy of the proton? The mass of proton is 1.67 * 10-27 kg and Planck's constant is 63 * 10-34 Js
Element hydrogen is made from atoms containing a single proton and a single
The masses of neutron and proton are 1.0087 and 1.0073 amu respectively. If the neutrons and proton combine to form helium nucleus of mass 4.0015 amu, the binding energy of helium nucleus would be
Number of proton in an 'atom' is also known as
Number of electrons and proton in one hydrogen atom is
A metal crystallizes in face-centered cubic lattice with a lattice parameter of 4.20 Å. The shortest atom to atom contact distance in the lattice is

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