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Time during which half of unstable radioactive nuclei disintegrate of sample of radioactive element is called the
At a given time there are25% undecayed nuclei in a sample. After 10 second number of undecayed nuclei reduces to 12.5% . Then mean life of the nuclei will be about
A radioactive sample S1 having an activity of 5µCi has a twice the number of nuclei as another sample S2 which has an acitivity of 10mCi. The half lives of S1 and S2 can be
If the DTD is included in your XML source file, it should be wrapped in a DOCTYPE definition with the following syntax:
Half lives of two radioactive substances are 20 and 40 minutes respectively. Initially samples were having equal number of nuclei. After 80 minutes ratio of the remaining numbers of A and B nuclei wil
The half-life period of a radioactive substance is 20 days. How long will it take for 3/4 of the atoms originally present to disintegrate

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