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Any kind of change in internal or external environment which can cause a response in any organism is called
Considering environment for fertilization, environment which supports external environment is
Any alteration in structure or function of an organism or its parts which results from natural selection so as organism becomes more comfortable in new environment is called
If 2 kcal, of heat is supplied to a system cause to change the internal energy of a gas is 5030J, and external work done is 3350 J, then what is mechanical equivalent of heat
If the heat of 110 J is added to a gaseous system and change in internal energy is 40 J, then the amount of external work done is
A system absorbs 1000 cal of heat and does 1675 J of external work. If J = 4.18 J/cal, then the change in internal energy of the system is
The capacity to change the conceptual schema without having to change external schemas or application programs is called

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