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As we move across period from left to right, reactivity of metals with oxygen
\left(25 \right)^{7.5} \times \left(5 \right)^{2.5} \div \left(125 \right)^{1.5} = 5^?
Of the six members of a panel sitting in a row, A is to the left of D, but on the right of E. C is on the right of X, but is on the left of B who is the left of F. Which two members are sitting right
In a class, seven students are standing in a row. Q is standing left to R but right to P. O is standing right to N and left to P. Similarly, S is standing right to R and left to T. Find out who is sta
Statements:All metals are plastics.All plastics are fibresConclusions:I. At least some fibres are metals.II. Some metals are not fibres
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Chemical Reactivity

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