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If correspondence exists between 2 triangles such that all corresponding sides and angles are congruent, then those triangles are said to be
Two sides of a plot measure 32 meters and 24 meters and the angle between them is a perfect right angle. The other two sides measure 25 meters each and the other three angles are not right angles.What
If two angles of a triangle are congruent, then sides opposite to them are
The sides of a right-angled triangle are 12 cm, 16 cm, 20 cm respectively. A new right angle Δ is made by joining the midpoints of all the sides. This process continues for infinite then calculate th
A rectangular paper when folded into two congruent parts had a perimeter of 34cm foer each part folded along one set of sides and the same is 38cm. When folded along the other set of sides. What is th

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