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Consider the following: Energy storage capability of basic passive elements is due to the fact thatresistance dissipates energycapacitance stores energyinductance dissipates energy Which of the above
An ideal transformer dissipates by itself
An ideal transformer dissipates
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched? Brune's realisation : realisation with ideal transformer.Cauer realisation : ladder realisation.Bott Duffin realisation : with non ideal transformer
If the primary of a 4:1 turns transformer dissipates 5 W, what is the secondary power
A 100 kVA transformer has 4% impedance and 50 k VA transformer has 3% impedance when they are operated in parallel, which 6 transformer will reacb full load first
In a synchro transmitter-control transformer, the voltage induced in rotor winding of control transformer is zero when the angular displacement between rotors of transmitter and transformer is
Assertion (A): Transformer coupling has the disadvantage of the weight of transformer and Saturation of coreReason (R): Transformer coupling is very suitable for impedance matching
A load ZL = RL + jXL is to be matched using an ideal transformer to generator of internal impedance ZS = RS + jXS. The ratio of transformer required is __________
Statement:An advertisement: If you want to follow the footprints of an ideal leader, wear 'X' brand of shoes.Assumptions:I. Most people like to become ideal leaders.II. One can't become ideal leader u

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