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Mechanical energy of our hand used to push magnet towards or away from coil results into
Which among the following is the correct way to access all the elements of the Stack collection created using the C#.NET code snippet given below?Stack st = new Stack();st.Push(10);st.Push(20);st.Push
If we grip coil with our right hand by curling our fingers in direction of conventional current, our thumb will indicate coil's
A bimetal made of copper and iron strips welded together is straight at room temperature. It is held vertically in the hand so that iron strip is towards the left hand and copper strip is towards the
A cylindrical magnet is kept along the axis of a circular coil. In rotating the magnet about its axis, the coil will have induced in it
A small coil of radius .002 m is placed on the axis of a magnet of magnetic moment 105 JT-1 and lenght .1 m at a distance of .15m from the center of the magnet Find the net force on coil when a curren

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