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Body parts which detect particular part of stimuli is
Organs that detect particular type of stimuli are called
Transmission of stimuli from one part of body to other part takes place through __________
24 is divided into two parts such that 7 times the first part added to 5 times the second part makes 146. The first part is
96 is divided into two parts in such a way that seventh part of first and ninth part of second are equal. Find the smallest part
Stimuli in unicellular organisms is brought with help of
Which of the following is/are the right way to declare a method?(i) function functionName() { function body }(ii) scope function functionName() { function body }(iii) method methodName() { method body
Detect an error part labelled (1), (2), (3) & (4) in the following question whole northern states in(1)/india are reeling under the(2)/devastating(3)/of the drought(4)
A sum of Rs. 2665 is lent into two parts so that the interest on the first part for 8 years at 3% per annum may be equal to the interest on the second part for 3 years at 5% per annum. Find the second
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