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Four signalsm1 = cos (ω0t), m2(t) = cos (ω0t), m3(t) = 2 cos (ω0t) and m4(t) = cos (4 ω0t) are multiplexed by Time Division Multiplexing system. The commutator speed in rps is
Match the following: List I List II A.A1 cos 2pf1t1.B.A1 A2 cos 2pf1t cos 2pf2t2.v1 (t) v2 (t)C.3., f1, - f1D.f1 + f2, f1 - f2, - f1 + f2, - f1 - f24.A1 cos ω1t
Considering radian, value of cos 2.3π is
Consider the amplitude modulated (AM) signal Ac cos ωct + 2 cos ωmt cos ωct For demodulating the signal using envelope detector, the minimum value of Ac should be
An AM wave is given by s(t)AM = 20 (1 + 0.5 cos 103t + 0.3 cos 104 t cos 106 t) the modulation index of the envelope is
An amplitude modulated wave is e = 50 (1 + 0.4 cos 1000 t + 0.3 cos 10000 t) cos 107 t
Considering radian, value of tan 1.1 is
Value of sin 2π⁄3 considering radian is
Value of tan π⁄7 considering radian is

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