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Dull and black surfaces are heat's good
A cube is painted blue on two adjacent surfaces and black on the surfaces opposite to blue surfaces and green on the remaining faces .Now the cube is cut into 216 smaller cubes of equal size
Three boxes contain respectively 3 white and 1 black, 2 white and 2 black, 1 white and 3 black balls, from each of the boxes one ball is drawn at random. The probability that 2 white and 1 black ball
Statements:All red are white.Some black are red.No white is blue.Conclusions:I. Some white are black.II. Some black are blue.III. No red is blue.IV. No white is black
A cube at high temperature is immersed in a constant temperature bath. It loses heat from its top, bottom and side surfaces with heat transfer coefficients of h1, h2 and h3 respectively. The average h
The overall heat transfer co-efficient for a shell and tube heat exchanger for clean surfaces is U0 = 400 W/m2.K. The fouling factor after one year of operation is found to be hd0 = 2000 W/m2.K. The o
Water gets evaporated from water surfaces and land surfaces, get converted into water drops at lower temperatures, flows over ground surface and finally meets its source, i.e. lake, sea, etc. This ent
Two small parallel plane square surfaces, each measuring 4 mm × 4 mm are placed 0.5 m apart (centre to centre) with 30° angle between the radial distance and both the surface normals. The view facto

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