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Gullation, a mechanism for water loss is present in
Gullation is water loss in form of drops on tips of
Hari Ram’s present age is three times his son’s present age and two fifth of his father’s present age. The average of the present age of all of them is 46 years. What is the difference between H
Rajan's present age is three times his daughter's and nine-thirteenth of his mother's present age. The sum of the present ages of all three of them is 125 years. What is the difference between the pre
In water jet machining, the water jet is issued through a 0.3 mm diameter orifice at a pressure of 400 MPa. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3. The coefficient of discharge is 1.0. Neglecting all loss
Rajesh has a container which has a mixture of wine and water in it. Wine and water are in the ratio 4:1. Rajesh spills some of the mixture by accident. He then replaces the spilled amount with water o
The mechanism of water reabsorption by the renal tubules is
The following bar graph shows the percent profit or loss of a company is given by Income and Expenditures(in million US $) of five companies in the year 2001.Profit/Loss % = (Income - Expenditure)/Exp
A single-phase transformer has no-load loss of 64 W, as obtained from an open-circuit test. When a short-circuit test is performed on it with 90% of the rated currents flowing in its both LV and HV wi
A shopkeeper sells 20% of his stock at 10% profit ans sells the remaining at a loss of 5%. He incurred an overall loss of Rs. 400. Find the total worth of the stock
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