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A path of uniform width turns the inside of a rectangular field 38m long and 32m wide. IF the path occupies 600 m2 than the width of the path is
Total length of path is named
A car of 1400 kg is moving on a circular path of radius 30 m with a speed of 40 km/h. When the driver applies the brakes and the car continues to move along the circular path, what is the maximum dece
What is the output of the following snippet of code?total={}def insert(items):    if items in total:        total[items] += 1    else:        total[items] = 1insert('Apple')insert('Ball')i
A square park is surrounded by a path of uniform width 2 metres all round it. The area of the path is 288 sq. metres. The perimeter of the park is

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