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By solving equality 2x + 3⁄ 2 = 5x - 8⁄3, value of 'x' will be
In an interphase heat transfer process, the equilibrium state corresponds to equality of temperature in the two phases, while the condition for equilibrium in an interphase mass transfer process is eq
Statements: Until our country achieves economic equality, political freedom and democracy would be meaningless. Conclusions Political freedom and democracy go hand in hand. Economic equality lea
A box contains coins (equal no. of every one) of rupee and half rupee, coins of 25 paise, 10 paise, 5 paise value, 2 paise value and one paise value. The total value of coins in the box is Rs. 1158. F
Consider the following statements:The bias stability of an emitter-bias amplifier circuit improves by decreasing the value of RBincreasing the value of REdecreasing the value of RBincreasing the value
While numerically solving the differential equation dy/dx + 2xy2 = 0, y (0) =1 using Euler’s predictorcorrector (improved Euler-Cauchy) method with a step size of 0.2, the value of y after the first

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