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Arun’s weight is 140% of Akhil’s weight. Nani’s weight is 90% of Shreyon’s weight. Shreyon’s weight is twice as much as Akhil’s. What percentage of Arun’s weight is Nani’s weight
Sneha’s weight is 140% of Veena’s weight. Rina’s weight is 90% of Sana’s weight. Sana weighs twice as much as Veena. If Sneha’s weight is x% of Rina’s weight, then x is equal to
There will be no weight of any object if there will be absence of
What will be the total weight of 10 poles each of the same weight I. One-fourth of the weight of a pole is 5 kilograms II. The total weight of three poles is 20 kilograms more than the total weight of
The average weight of 25 persons sitting in a boat had some value. A new person added to them whose weight was 46 kg only. Due to his arrival, the average weight of all the persons decreased by 5 kg.
The average weight of 45 passengers in a bus is 52 kg. 5 of them whose average weight is 48 kg leave the bus and other 5 passengers whose average weight is 54 kg join the bus at the same stop. What i

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