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Manufacturing of useful services or products by using living organisms is classified as
Which one of the following is covered in the list of services for service tax purposes ?1. Insurance/health services 2. Hotel accommodation/air travel services 3. Money changers/legal services
Use of living organisms in processes for manufacture of useful products is called
Should the manufacturing of leather products be prohibited?Arguments:I. Yes, killing animals for any reason other than survivals is making the environment dangerous.II. NO, leather products are the bi
Statement: In spite of poor services, the commutators have not complained against it. Assumptions Generally people do not tolerate poor services. Complaints sometimes improve services
Living part or living organisms of an ecosystem is called
Which of the following branches deals with the interactions of same species of living organisms with their non-living environment
Living organisms have many complex characteristics. Which one of the following is shared by non-living matter as well
Organisms that lack cellular organization yet have some characteristics of living organisms are called

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