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In human diet, cellulose is referred as
The chemical that is used to convert soda cellulose to sodium cellulose xanthate in the manufacture of viscose rayon is
Consider the following assertion [a] and reason [r] and choose the most appropriate answer [a] Sodium cellulose xanthate formation is an essential unit operation in the production of viscose rayon [
All good athletes want to win and are athletes who want to win eat a well-balanced diet, therefore all athletes who do not eat a well- balance diet are bad athletes. The best conclusion from this stat
In human diet, all cholesterol comes from
Amino acids required in the human diet and not synthesized by the body are called
Consider the following: 1. Right to education. 2. Right to equal access to public service. 3. Right to food.Which of the above is/are Human Right/Human Rights under “Universal Declaration of Huma

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