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Coordination and Control

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Kind of feedback in which output of procedure increases process rate is called
Kind of feedback in which output of procedure inhibits or decreases procedure is called
As the order of modulation increases the data rate increases, but the error rate also increases
A utility programme that takes a procedure and searches a library to locate copies of any procedures called but not defined in the first procedure, is called
Which is used to produce a procedure object from a procedure name
In the feedback network shown below, if the feedback factor k is increased, then the
Regenerative feedback implies feedback with
Kind of mechanism in which process is regulated by output of exactly same process is called
What is the output after compile and run the following code int Output = 10;boolean b = false;if((b == true) && ((Output += 10) == 20)){ System.out.println("We are equal " + Output);}else{ System.out.