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A bag contains 4 red and 3 black balls. A second bag contains 2 red and 4 black balls. One bag is selected at random. From the selected bag, one ball is drawn. Find the probability that the ball drawn
A bag contains 5 red and 3 green balls. Another bag contains 4 red and 6 green balls. If one ball is drawn from each bag. Find the probability that one ball is red and one is green
Box 1 contains 15 balls out of which 3 are red. Box 2 contains 12 balls out of which 4 are red. If one ball is drawn at random from each box simultaneously, the probability of getting at least one red
A bag contains 19 red balls, 37 blue balls and 27 green balls. If a ball is picked up from this bag atrandom, what is the probability of picking a blue ball
A bag contains 6 balls of different colours and a ball is drawn from it. A probability of speaking the truth is 2/3 and B probability of speaking the truth is 4/5. If both A and B say that a red ball
A bag contains 8 red and 4 green balls. Find the probability that two balls are red and one ball is green when three balls are drawn at random
A box contains 4 red balls and 6 black balls. Three balls are selected randomly from the box one after another, without replacement. The probability that the selected set contains one red ball and two

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