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One micro ampere (µA) is equal to
A, B, C, D, E, F and G are minerals in a sample of metamorphic rock. The micro-texture of the assemblage is given below. A, D and G are porphyroblasts, B and C are coronas, E and F are inclusions.  
Micro-Organisms The micro organisms which can prepare their food are called
Micro Credit or Micro Finance is a novel approch to banking with the poor. In this approach bank credit is extended to the poor through
The Government of India launched the credit Gurantee Fund Scheme for Micro and small enterprises tomake available credit to Micro and small enterprises. When this scheme was launched
One milli ampere (mA) is equal to
When a potential difference of one volt is applied across ends of a conductor and one ampere of current passes through it, then its resistance will be

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