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Portion of uterus which separates it from birth canal is called
What is Madhav's birth date if his sister and mother both are right?I. Madhav's sister remembers that his birth date is before twentieth but after seventeenth.II. Madhav's mother remembers that his bi
What is the name of the visible silver rectangle which separates the take-up portion of the magnetic tape from the data recording portion
Cervix separates uterus from
Consider the following statements: An aqueduct is a cross drainage work in which(a) a canal is carried over the drainage channel(b) a drainage channel is carried over the canal(c) both drainage channe
If the first half of the English alphabet is reversed and then next portion of English alphabet is reversed so as 'A' takes the portion of 'M' and 'N' takes the portion of 'z' then which letter will b
Portion of stomach which is present beneath cardiac portion is called
What is the innermost portion of approach zone which is the most critical portion from obstruction viewpoint, called

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