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Nitin was counting down from 32. Sumit was counting upwards the numbers starting from 1 and he was calling out only the odd numbers. What common number will they call out at the same time if they were
Counting is not simply
A fixed beam and a simply supported beam having same span and develop same maximum bending moment due to uniformly distributed load on entire span. What is the ratio of uniformly distributed load on f
Five persons are standing in a line one of the two people at the extreme ends is a professor and the other a businessman an adequate is standing between the professors and the advocate counting from t
How many times the keys of a typewriter have to be pressed in order to write first 400 counting numbers
At a particular time of computation the value of a counting semaphore is 7.Then 20 P operations and 15 V operations were completed on this semaphore.The resulting value of the semaphore is
If the first and second digits in the sequence 5 9 8 1 3 2 7 4 3 8 are interchanged, also the third and fourth digits, the fifth and sixth digits and so on, which digit would be the seventh counting t
Numbers 1, 2, 3, .... Which are used for counting certain objects are called
If the last four letters of the word 'CONCENTRATION' are written in reverse order followed by next two in the reverse order and next three in the reverse order and then followed by the first four in t
If the first and second letters in the word 'MISFORTUNE' were interchanged, also the third and the fourth letters, the fifth and the sixth letters and so on, which letter would then be the eighth lett

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