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Diploid gametophyte form haploid gametes through
Example of organisms that produces haploid gametes through mitosis includes
Process by which haploid daughter cells are formed by division of diploid cells is called
In the fully organized polygonum type of embryo sac, what is the ratio of haploid, diploid and triploid nuclei
The algae Chlamydomonas demonstrates a complex life cycle that switches between haploid and diploid forms. This life cycle is called
In gametogenesis, meiosis is undergone on diploid gamete-mother cells to form
Female and male gametes get united to form
Which of the following plant is a sporophyte and alternates with gametophyte
Which of the following plant is Gametophyte and alternates with sporophyte
Phenomena in which sporophyte and gametophyte generations alter each other in plant life cycle is called

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