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Wave of relaxation and contraction in muscles of walls of alimentary canal is called
Smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and skeletal muscles are classified as types of
Consider the following statements: An aqueduct is a cross drainage work in which(a) a canal is carried over the drainage channel(b) a drainage channel is carried over the canal(c) both drainage channe
The inner lining of the alimentary canal is called
Alimentary canal, liver, pancreas and gall bladder altogether constitutes
Which enzymes are likely to act on the baked potatoes eaten by a man, starting from the mouth and as it moves down the alimentary canal
Statements:Some cats are dogs.All dogs are goats.All goats are walls.Conclusions:I. Some walls are dogs.II. Some walls are cats
Which of the following measures are resorted to for strengthening masonry walls ?1. Provide cross walls.2. Pre-stressing.3. Provide gunite slab on the surface(s) of walls.4. Provide buttresses.Select
Which of the following are parts of alimentary canal
Digestive System-Mcqs Which of the following is the front opening of the alimentary canal

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