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An animal that can hear sounds with low frequency than human ear is
A human ear can hear sounds in range
A human hear can not hear a sound of frequency more than
A human hear can not hear a sound of frequency less than
Sense organs-Ear We can hear sounds in frequeney range of
Sounds of frequency higher than 20,000 Hz which are inaudible to normal human ear are called
A normal human ear can hear a sound only if its frequency lies between
Sounds with a high frequency which a human ear can detect are known as
If Eye is called Hand, Hand is called Mouth, Mouth is called Ear, Ear is called Nose and Nose is called Tongue, with which of the following would a person hear
The dog is a very faithful animal. The dog is the most loving pet.(A) Besides being a very faithful animal, the dog is.....(B) Since the dog is a very faithful animal.....(C) The dog is a very faithfu

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