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Study of our planet Earth regarding its features such as vegetation, rivers, mountains and climate is called
Some mountains are hillocks. Some mountains are rivers. Some mountains are valleys Conclusions All mountains are either hillocks or rivers or valleys No valley is river Some river are valleys
Match List I with List II and select the correct answer: List I (Crops)A. BarleyB. RiceC. MilletsD. TeaList II(Geographical conditions)1. Hot and dry climate with poor soil2. Cool climate with poorer
All snakes are trees. Some trees are roads. All roads are mountains Conclusions:  Some mountains are snakes Some roads are snakes Some mountains are trees
The escape velocity on the surface of the earth is 11.2 km/s. If mass and radius of a planet are 4 and 2 times respectively than that of earth, the escape velocity from the planet will be

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