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If mass of a substance is lowered, its density will be
A well penetrates to 30 m below the static water table. After 24 hours of pumping at 31.40 litres/minute, the water level in a test well at a distance of 80 m is lowered by 0.5 m and in a well 20 m aw
Helium has a mass of 4.0015u for its nucleus. It consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. If the mass of proton is 1.0073u and the mass of neutron is 1.0087u, what is the mass defect of the helium nucleu
A vessel contains oil (density 0.8 g/cc) over mercury (density 13.6 g/cc). A homogeneous sphere floats with half its volume immersed in mercury and the other half in oil. The density of the material o
The dry density of a soil is 1.5 g/cc. If the saturation water content were 50%, then its saturated density and submerged density would, respectively, be
A mass M is suspended from a spring of negligible mass. The spring is pulled a little and is then released so that the mass executes SHM with a time period T. If the mass is increased by m, then the t

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