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By converting angle from degrees to radians, 40° is equal to
By converting angle from degrees to radians, 105° is equal to
π⁄3 radians are equal to
3π⁄2 radians are equal to
2π radians are equal to
π radians are equal to
The channel section of uniform thickness 2mm shown in the figure is subjected to a torque of 10 Nm. If it is made of a material with shear modulus of 25 GPa, the twist per unit length in radians/m is
In a single pass rolling process using 410 mm diameter steel rollers, a strip of width 140 mm and thickness 8 mm undergoes 10 % reduction of thickness. The angle of bite in radians is
By converting π⁄3 from radians to degrees, answer will be
Value of 30° into radians should be

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